Pastor Dana Holmes

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Healing Today! Hebrews 13:8 declares "Jesus Christ the same yesterday and today and forever." Watch archived telecasts of Healing Today and learn your rights and privileges in Christ as it relates to divine healing because GOD Wants You Well. Visit archives...


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Outreach Magazine

This Year's Issues. Outreach is a quarterly publication of Full Gospel Word & Worship Center featuring teaching articles on various subjects, testimonies of healings, etc. Visit archives...

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Upcoming Events. Check out upcoming events at FGWWC and make plans to attend services and upcoming conferences. Visit event calendar...

Sherry Holmes Columbia SC

1st Lady Speaks

Empowering Women. It is the will of God that you live a victorious life. But there are things you must do in order to obtain this. The Lord gives us the blueprint for life and our job is to follow it. Visit archives...

Divine Healing School Live
Divine Healing School LIVE • N. Charleston, SC • January 29th-30th